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Posted: November 27, 2005 in Rant

While I’m on the subject of cars, either the reliability of turn signals in today’s cars is abysmal or turn signals are now an option on most cars. (Rhetorically he asks) “Why don’t people use their turn signals anymore?”

Did they stop teaching people how to use them in Driver’s Ed? Do people believe that they can transmit their driving intentions telepathically? Did they take the need to use turn signals out of state’s vehicle codes? Perhaps the need to use a turn signal (especially with a large SUV) has diminished greatly in a society full of “go for it” people.

Personally I think that the diminishing use of turn signals is merely a symptom of the diminishing consciousness of our collective society. Most people are so wrapped up in the small world of their personal vehicle that the well-being of their fellow drivers is a minor consideration. How often do you see someone in front of you who has the “body language” of wanting to change lanes or make a turn? When do they actually use their turn signal?

It seems that most people use their turn signal as a last resort. I am supposed to know that they want to change their direction of travel. As part of my hobby of observing human behavior, people end up using their turn signals after they start to actually make the maneuver (changing lanes, making a turn, etc). The use of the turn signal becomes an after-thought or worse, a statement of “I’m coming through whether you like it or not!”

Do I see this problem resolving itself soon?

No. In fact, it is getting worse rather than better.


How many people can hold on to a steering wheel and a cell phone while using their turn signal, all at the same time? 😛