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I am now at

Posted: November 22, 2010 in Miscellaneous

My very irregular blog, Cleave’s Blant, is now at Maybe the switch to WordPress will hopefully make it more regular. I definitely like the control of the look and feel better than at Blogger. Not that Blogger was horrible, it’s pretty good, it’s just that I like what I see at WordPress better. I’ll have an extensive post on CicLAvia 2010 up on the blog soon.

Thanks for reading.


9/11 Revisited

Posted: September 13, 2008 in Miscellaneous

Just thought that I’d link back to my post from the days after 9/11. Note that there is also a link in that post to an article that I posted to our web site.


Boston Finally!

Posted: April 30, 2008 in Miscellaneous

I grew up on Long Island and went to college in upstate New York, but somehow, I never visited the “fair city” of Boston. Well that all changed when I got to attend the Lean Advancement Initiative (LAI) Annual Conference last week.

I had the opportunity to walk a good chunk of the Freedom Trail with a colleague and I took a number of photos (some of which may appear in an upcoming Photoblog post). The skyline and architecture of the city is impressive and the food — especially the stuffed lobster — was good.

The most amazing part of my trip was running into my oldest friend who is a pilot for American Airlines. I was unexpectedly on a flight from St. Louis to Boston as my Dallas to Boston flight got canceled. We were on an MD-80 and since I know that my friend flies that aircraft type, I generally peek in the cockpit to see if he is in there. Well getting on to the plane I wasn’t paying attention and forgot to look inside the cockpit. However, when I was deplaning I looked inside and guess what? Yes, Harris was the 1st Officer (right-hand seat).

So I ended up chatting with him coming off the airplane and we had dinner one night. I told him which flight I was taking out of Boston and he said that he would try to get that flight. Sure enough he was there. I got to watch him do some of his pre-flight stuff before I took my seat. It was all very cool. Between a good conference, a fun, first visit to Boston, and getting to fly with my friend as one of the pilots, this was one of the best and most memorable business trips that I have taken.

Catching Up

Posted: April 8, 2008 in Miscellaneous

Obviously I have not been a prolific blogger. As one of my self improvement projects, I have decided to spend 15 minutes per day (either during lunch at work or at night at home) writing something for this blog.

So with 15 minutes per day, six or seven days a week, my goal is to have three posts per week. I will try to have these post rotate through three topics, bicycling, Lean, and photography. Of course, I will reserve the right to have other topics that are topical or strike my fancy.

Part of why I haven’t been posting to this blog is because I have been posting to or lurking at several forums. But as has happened in the past with my forum experiences, things start to get stale for several reasons: repeating topics, member familiarity breeding contempt, too many “personal” problems, etc.

I also have seen that forums seem to follow this kind of anthropological evolution:

Tribe => Village => Town => City => Urban Blight

When a forum hits the Urban Blight phase, you start to see posts whose subject is essentially, “I’m Leaving.” If enough of the original members leave, the forum sometimes reverts back to the village or town phase where the cycle starts again.

So, as Urban Blight has started to creep in to yet another forum that I used to enjoy immensely, I will re-allocate some of my energies back to my blog. Oh, and I won’t create an “I’m Leaving” post on any of those forums. I’m not quite that dramatic.

Well, for some reason this took me by surprise. I am interested because I am a fan of both, but that’s as far as it goes — interested. However, there is some pretty harsh stuff on the web, here and here.

Anyway, I hope that their futures apart from each other go well.

Fox (So-Called) News

Posted: December 21, 2005 in Miscellaneous

I was watching the emergency landing of Midwest Airlines Flight 210 on CNN this evening. The reporting on CNN was not stellar but it was fair and reasonably accurate. I switched to Fox News after CNN switched to one of their regular news programs and I was almost immediately shocked and disgusted by what I heard.

The anchor person, “Catherine,” was interviewing a spokesperson from Midwest Airlines and was discussing aircraft safety systems (a technical topic of which I have some first-hand experience). She noted that some modern airliners have video cameras in the wheel wells of the aircraft so that the aircrew could better evaluate an emergency situation. She asked the spokesperson if the Boeing 717s in Midwest Airline’s inventory had this kind of system. The spokesperson said that he was not a technical or maintenance person so that he could not answer the question with certainty, but he did not think that the aircraft had that capability. Immediately, Catherine asked if Midwest Airlines had considered such a system or would consider such a system given the evening’s events. The spokesperson gave a bit of a non-answer, noting that these types of failures were rare but if there was a significant safety issue they would consider it.

Catherine, at this point, put words into the Midwest Airlines spokesperson’s mouth saying that he thought that such a system wasn’t cost effective. She immediately went to a former airline pilot and again said that Midwest Airlines thought that the video system wasn’t cost effective and whether or not the pilot thought the same. The pilot replied very diplomatically and indicated that Midwest Airlines, to his knowledge, had a great safety record.

If this is Fox News’ example of fair and balanced reporting then their definitions of those words is far different than mine.

BTW, Catherine kept calling the airline Midwest Express instead of its proper name, Midwest Airlines.

Going to High School

Posted: December 7, 2005 in Miscellaneous

Can someone please explain how we “evolved” to our current state of applying to high schools in Long Beach? The past few weeks have been just short of the process that I went through to decide which college to attend. Reading propaganda about various educational programs within and between high schools, listening to schools pitch the virtues of their programs, and visiting high school campuses to hear even more propaganda has been just a part of this insanity.

My eldest son has to literally apply to high schools and specific programs within those high schools. He has to decide which program or school best suites his academic needs and he has a score which is an accumulation of his GPA and standardized test scores.

Now I am somewhat overstating the overall effort required for this process as, for us, it definitely is easier (or at least I anticipate that it is easier) than what we will encounter when he starts applying to colleges. However, it is orders of magnitude more difficult and complicated than the process that I had of going to the high school that was in my district (where my family lived).

Will my son receive a better education because of the “choices” provided by this process?

Arguably, he might. But consider this, educators who knew my aptitude and some of my educational goals, recommended me for enrichment programs and advanced courses offered within our school district. I would like to think that educators could advise him in a similar manner. I just hope that in the intervening three years before my youngest goes to high school that the process does not get any worse.