Oct 2011 Northeast Snow Consistent with Global Climate Change

Posted: October 29, 2011 in Climate Change

It amazes me how the global climate change deniers instantly blog, tweet, and post to forums all over the internet when an abnormal cold weather event occurs. The fact is “more intense winter storms” are part of the predicted changes in weather patterns in the US as noted by the Pew Center on Global Climate Change:

The Pew Center on Global Climate Change was established in 1998 as a non-profit, non-partisan and independent organization. The Center’s mission is to provide credible information, straight answers, and innovative solutions in the effort to address global climate change.

From the Climate Change 101 report, January 2011 Update, page 3, Table 1:

Notice on the 3rd line: “… more intense winter storms … Northeast.”

The effects of climate change on our weather are not common sense nor should the effects fit a linear, if-then model. The earth’s climate is a complex system and we have only been able to predict change with very sophisticated computer models.

So today we had a record snowfall in my birth state, New York. Just as the non-partisan scientists predicted, a more intense winter storm in the Northeast. It’s definitely news. Just not news about the inaccuracy of global climate change predictions.

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