Masters Road Nationals: Putting Lipstick on a Pig…

Posted: September 8, 2011 in Bicycle Racing

(…Assuming you aren’t a pig lover.)

Having had several days to mull over my (lack of) performance at the 2011 USA Cycling Masters Road National Championships, I have tried to be objective about what I gained from the experience, my second trip to a national championship. First and most important is the experience. I said this when I first decided to go this past spring: my main reason for going was to gain experience for the 2012 event when I would be moving up an age group (to 55-59 years old). Looking at courses and course profiles on maps doesn’t really tell you the story of what it’s like to race on them. Reconnaissance rides also help but race experience is the best and I got that from this trip.

I also learned how my body will feel at the moderately high altitude of Bend, Oregon (about 3,500 feet above sea level) and how I need to train to be better prepared for next year. I have no delusions of victory and winning has never been my main motivation for racing bicycles (yes, I know that’s heresy for some), but I like to test my limits and I like my limits to allow me to “be there” rather than off-the-back.

I also had a nice break from SoCal with my wife and son and some friends. Bend has a lot of good restaurants, some shopping, some sightseeing, and great scenery.

Bend, Oregon, scenery

A view from one of the road course climbs.

I have a year to prepare for my third venture at Masters Road National Championships.


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