Sub-Freezing Time Trial

Posted: January 20, 2007 in Bicycle Racing

The unusually cold temperatures that have caused severe crop damage in California also greeted me and two of my Lightning Velo teammates at the Tom’s Farm Time Trial in Corona, CA, on January 14th. Jim Brashear, Pat Baker, and I arrived at the parking lot for registration to find that any moisture on the ground was ice. Jim’s vehicle showed a balmy 29 degrees F on its thermometer.

After registering, setting up the bikes, and warming up (to a degree) we made our way to the start line only to find that a water main had broken on an adjacent hillside flooding the road just past the planned start. Officials moved the start down the road but we still had to cross the muddy stream on the road.

I’ll just report on my personal result. I wasn’t last. 🙂 I was at the end of a string of riders who were within a minute of each other and I was 2 minutes slower than the second place rider. I won’t talk about first place.

I wasn’t totally disappointed since I was still not 100% health-wise and I hadn’t done any time trial training since the summer. Now I have less than 9 months to achieve my goal of a sub 1-hour, 40 Km time trial before I turn 50.

BTW, this was my first race as a 50+ Master.

  1. craig durkee says:

    I’m sure youll make it matehope you dont mind if i put a link to your blog on my blog

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