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Cycling and Leg Hair

Posted: February 17, 2006 in Bicycling

Some of the responses to a leg shaving question on a cycling forum are just way too funny.

I can’t believe that there is so much pressure to cheat (yes, cheat) in professional cycling. Here is another rider that I want to believe is innocent but I keep having a harder and harder time believing their denials. Roberto Heras rode a great Vuelta, but was it a drug-aided win?

As I said earlier, we have to get to the real root cause of the problem by eliminating the motivation to take performance enhancing drugs. Deterrence through drug testing is obviously not enough. In fact, we need to create an environment where athletes are motivated to be clean — not motivated to figure out how to cheat.

Well, for some reason this took me by surprise. I am interested because I am a fan of both, but that’s as far as it goes — interested. However, there is some pretty harsh stuff on the web, here and here.

Anyway, I hope that their futures apart from each other go well.