Posted: September 27, 2001 in motorsports

As time goes on more news arrives about people who were caught in the maelstrom that were within my life’s sphere. So many people and so many families were devastated by acts whose ultimate purpose I can not fathom.

Another fallout of our current mania was a bomb threat at work. For the first time in my 22 years at Boeing (McDonnell Douglas), we were sent home so that Boeing Security and Long Beach Police could properly search the buildings. Real life is becoming harder to believe than fiction.

A bright spot (or a diversion) was A Tribute to Can-Am at the Petersen Automotive Museum. I went with my friend, Steve, and my former boss, Fred. We had a good time talking about cars and motorsports. Got to see some great American drivers from the 60s and 70s: Dan Gurney, Phil Hill, Parnelli Jones, Tony Adamowicz, Oscar Kovaleski, and many others. The Can-Am car displays were well done and brought back very pleasant memories from my youth. (Do I sound old or what? Nostalgia does strange things.)


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