September 11 Epilogue

Posted: September 22, 2001 in Miscellaneous

It’s been 10 days since the terrorist attack on our country. I continue to go through emotional ups and downs as I either hear more of or think about the tragedy. Click here to read the column that I wrote for The Spoke ‘N Word.

Unfortunately, the day after I wrote the column, September 17, 2001, I found out that a former classmate from Jericho High School perished during the terrorist attack. Leo Roberts worked for Cantor-Fitzgerald, a firm that lost over 700 employees. Two other Jericho alumni, Gary Lutnick and Glen Winuk, worked for the same firm and were killed when One World Trade Center (the first tower that was struck) collapsed.

The world will never be the same and I hope we can still flourish as it rights itself.


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